e-mail: actionexposures@gmail.com
phone: (269) 998-3230

Policies and Pricing

Team photo sessions include warm-ups, action during game play, coaches and support staff, player interactions, crowd and fan photos and award ceremony associated with the game.

Individual sport photos sessions will include every aspect of the game before, during and after competition. A location shot portrait will be included.


Large Sized sports Teams $300 for unlimited downloads

Large team sports Individuals $100 for unlimited downloads and a flash drive 

Large teams include Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and Hockey

Mid sized Sport Teams $200 for unlimited downloads

Mid Sized Sport Teams Individuals $100 for unlimited downloads and a flash drive

Mid sized Sport Teams include Baseball, Softball, Basketball and volleyball

The Head Coach will receive a free disk for all sized Sport Teams.

Individual Sport $125 for unlimited downloads and a flash drive

Individual Sports such as Golf, Tennis, Equestrian, Cross Country, Motor Cross, and Track & Field

Adventure Sports

I am currently looking to gain some experience and photos for my portfolio. Please contact me for special pricing for sports like Bicycle Freestyle, Skate Park, Ski racing and tricks, Snowboarding or Rock Climbing. I am willing to shoot any activity or sport that is a challenge to you the athlete and me the photographer.

Travel and Duration

We serve the Kalamazoo and surrounding areas. If extensive travel is required a deposit and travel fee may be required. Extended duration events will incur an added fee of $25 per hour beyond the first 2 hours

Foul weather

I have the right to cancel any photo shoot due to foul weather conditions. I know most sports today will continue to play in less than perfect weather. Some of the best action happens when the weather and playing conditions are not ideal. I will only cancel a session to preserve photo quality and prevent damage to my equipment. Typically significant rain fall is the biggest concern. In the event of a weather cancellation every attempt will be made to make up the photo session as soon as possible.

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